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"Remember that however extraordinary the experience, there are always further and greater experiences"

Mother Meera

The Power of the Seraphim Blueprint


Synchronistically, the right people have crossed my path at the perfect time, the appropriate books were there for me when needed. The information that was made available to me has helped me to move into the right direction on my own spiritual journey. The links below represent major steps in my personal development. It is certainly not a complete list of important influences for me. By reading this, you might learn a bit more about me. Even so I believe that every person's spriritual growth is an individual journey and each person's path is marked by different experiences, you might find some useful leads.

List of links in chronological order:
Purple Energy Plates

James Redfield - The Celestine Prophecy
Shirley MacLaine - The Camino
Michael Tamura - You Are The Answer
Kevin Ryerson - Sprit Communination: The Soul's Path
Ruth Rendely - Seraphim Blueprint
Gary Quinn - Living in the Spritual Zone
Robert Bruce - Astral Dynamics
Werner Neuner - Antares
Eric Pearl - Reconnection
Mother Meera
Lee Holden - Exercise To Heal