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"Remember that however extraordinary the experience, there are always further and greater experiences"

Mother Meera

The Power of the Seraphim Blueprint

Seraphim Blueprint Teacher's Certificate

Ruth Rendely has authorized me to facilitate the initiations for all Levels of the Seraphim Blueprint.

I became a Teacher of Level I on October 29th 2006 and was subsequently initiated into all higher Levels. My training was completed on October 3rd 2009 when Ruth initiated me to be a Level VI Teacher.

Seraphim Blueprint Teacher's Certificate Level I to VI

In addition, I am authorized to teach the Seraphic Tour of the Solar System, a program consisting of 8 courses. I received the final initiations for these classes from Ruth on August 30, 2009.

Teacher's Certificate Seraphic Tour of the Solar System
Seraphic Tour of the Solar System Teacher's Certificate