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"Remember that however extraordinary the experience, there are always further and greater experiences"

Mother Meera

The Power of the Seraphim Blueprint

The Accident & Recovery

Trying to catch the bus...
I had just left the gym after a good workout. It was late in the evening, it was already dark and the street was not lit very well. I thought I might be missing my bus, so I started running. Suddenly my foot got caught on an obstruction of the sidewalk and I fell. Because of my running speed and the heavy weight of my backpack the impact was so strong that I hurt myself severely when trying to catch my fall with my left hand. I never had felt pain like that before. My elbow was clearly dislocated my forearm bent out of place. The level of pain was just mind numbing. I was unable to get up immediately. I needed to lie there for a couple of minutes trying to get a grip...

Controlling the pain
It was clear to me that the accident had done some real damage. I took a deep breath and tried to focus. I needed to control the pain and instinctively I activated both Level I energies. I got on my knees and stabilized the insured arm with my other hand. At the same time I started transmitting both energies through my hand supporting the arm. My brain began to clear up and I was able to concentrate on making a plan of the next things to do. I was kneeling on the sidewalk in an area I was not familiar with in the dark and there was not a single person to see around and no cars on the street. Luckily, my trainer had just left the gym when I was running down the street. He saw me falling in his rear view mirror and because I did not get up he realized that something was wrong. So he turned his car around and came back.

Emergency Room treatment
My trainer got me to the hospital right away. By the time we arrived I was completely calm. I was sent me to get x-rays. When I came back, that Doctor who had admitted me was gone and a new one was examining my x-rays. I was walking up and down the hallway holding my injured arm while constantly running both Level I energies. The new Doctor was calling my name and I walked up to her. She looked at me in total disbelief. She asked me again for my name. I identified myself again, but she still did not belief that I was the person who's x-rays she just had reviewed. She still doubted I was telling the truth. She asked me a third time to confirm that I am really I. She said that based on her experience she was expecting to tend to a person screaming in pain, crying and begging for painkillers. She asked me if I did not feel the extreme pain. I said that I did but that I was able to control it mentally. Since I did not totally want to freak her out I did not mention the energies... Well, my elbow was dislocated, the radius was broken, the radial head was shattered in several pieces, the ulna had a couple of hair fractures and the biceps tendon was ripped off the bone as well. The Doctor relocated my elbow and I was told to see a Surgeon in the morning.

The Surgery
For various reasons I had to wait over a week until I was having the surgery. During that waiting period my arm was in a splint and I did not take a single painkiller. I was running the Seraphim Blueprint on a regular basis. I rested my arm on a large Purple Energy Plate whenever possible and I started to receive distance healings from other Energy Healers. The surgery did not go optimal. I really was fighting for saving my bones but I ended up with a metal implant instead. I had insisted that the surgery be done with local anesthesia. But I was given several different painkillers. When the cast material started to emanate heat while hardening the pain was getting extremely intense. The Doctors insisted on pumping more morphine into me. They I would not be released until the pain level would be down. So I gave in. I had lost the ability to control the pain mentally. I believe that was a result of the medication. I was in so much pain while being drugged up that I was sure there was no way I could possibly suffer any more not taking any pain killers. After arriving home I was counting the hours until the medications started to wear off. As soon as the fog in my mind disappeared and my ability to focus returned my method of pain control worked again. I was running the Level I energies and the pain became more and more bearable.

Motivating myself for Recovery
My Surgeon had made it a point to discourage my expectation of full recovery during all of my visits - before and after the surgery. He would tell me again and again I might only regain a very limited range of motion of bending and stretching my arm and maybe none of the movement of my hand. He would mention repeatedly that it was well in the range of possibilities that my arm might end up stiff permanently. That bothered me a lot. I would have expected my Doctor to be my top motivator. How could I expect the desired outcome to manifest if I would limit my Imagination? I only visualized complete recovery. My intention was to return to having a perfectly functional arm and hand. The only time I was pulled down was when seeing my Surgeon - how absurd.

Daily Physiotherapy & Energy Healings for several months
When I arrived for my first physiotherapy I was told that the head of the department had chosen to treat me herself because of the severity of my injury. The universe could not have arranged for a better person to work with me. She clearly loved her job and she was excellent at it! She had an amazing understanding of what I experienced, she truly cared and provided me with a variety of great exercises. She also cautioned me that a full recovery was very unlikely, but she never stopped encouraging me to keep working on improving the range of motion. I would continue to work on it every day at home and I soon started to swim again. After several months of disciplined physiotherapy and daily energy healing sessions I had regained 100% on my ability to bend and stretch my arm. I also reclaimed 100% of the pronation (pivot palm down) but only about 80% of the supination (pivot palm up). I am still fighting on getting the last missing 20% back. What a contrast to the grim outlook my Surgeon provided! When I saw him the last time he was clearly surprised about the level of my recovery. He said to me: "I take no credit for your full recovery. It must have been your perseverance" - Yes, he did get that right, but only partially - It was my perseverance combined with daily energy healing.

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