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"Remember that however extraordinary the experience, there are always further and greater experiences"

Mother Meera

The Power of the Seraphim Blueprint

Becoming a Teacher

Changing Priorities
Months went by. I had completed Level III in the meantime. I activated the Seraphim Blueprint Energies daily and the system had become an integral part of my life. I still was not totally convinced that the Seraph really existed. I was much more comfortable to look at as an intelligent omnipotent energy. The winged Angel image just did not sit right with me. But it had become much less of an issue to me to exactly understand what it I was experiencing and who's presence I was feeling. I knew that whatever it was, it was real and very beneficial to me. So I sort of just had moved on and accepted that the question if Angels really do exist still remained unanswered for me. But the question was not that important to me any more. Names are only labels anyway.

The Fiery Angel pays me a morning visit
It was supposed to be a lazy morning on a day off. No alarm was ripping me out of my sleep. The rising sun started to shine through the blinds and I woke up. I was enjoying the opportunity to stay in bed a bit longer and I was in no rush to get up and decided to keep my eyes closed a bit longer. Suddenly, I became aware of a presence in my bedroom. There he was - standing right in front of me on the footboard of my bed. He was tall, had a human appearance and he was completely composed of bright golden and white flaming light. Tiny golden flames were burning all over his body. Different levels of brightness of the light he was emanating created the male features of his face. Even so he was literally burning I felt no sense of heat at all. I was in total aw.

My inner critic spoils the experience
I still had my eyes closed. I was experiencing what Robert Bruce probably would call "Real-time Sight". Over the years I had improved greatly in my attempts to quiet down my inner critic who always questions and wants to analyze any experience to death. I learned to just allow my consciousness to observe from a distance instead of interfering. But having a flaming Seraph appearing in front of my bed was just to gigantic of a phenomenon. I could not maintain the level of trance very long, my physical body's conscious mind just was acting up and pushed itself into the foreground of my awareness. My energy level dropped and the Seraph disappeared.

Wings, or no Wings?
Seraph literally means, "burning ones" in the Hebrew. The Seraphim are referred to as the fiery Angels - I know now why. They are also said to have 6 wings. But my visitor did not have any. I talked to Ruth about my encounter. She told me the story of one of her friends who had been visited by an Angel regularly over a long period. At some point he was inquiring about the true appearance of the Angel. He suspected that the way an Angel sees another Angel was different from the image he was seeing. The Angel confirmed that. Angels appear to people the way it fits into each ones belief system. Angels want to ensure people know who is contacting them, so they chose to appear in a familiar form. Some people see Angels with wings; others see them as orbs or rays of light. This made a lot of sense to me.

The ice was broken
Based on the deal I offered to the Seraph, I became a Teacher of the Seraphim Blueprint after he revealed himself to me. After his initial visit I have seen him again. But the next time he appeared to me in a different form. Indeed, he did have his wings and he was much taller than during his first visit. He was assisting me during a distance healing session. He stayed for a much longer time - or, I should better say I was able to see him for a much longer time. After a short telepathically exchange with him he moved behind me. Towering above me he facilitated a flow of energy from him through me to the person receiving the healing. It is pretty amazing how fast totally extraordinary things can become a normal occurrence. I have seen and worked with different Angels in the meantime and I saw most of them as winged beings. What seemed so impossible for me to understand and accept for many years seems now so familiar.