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"Remember that however extraordinary the experience, there are always further and greater experiences"

Mother Meera

The Power of the Seraphim Blueprint

Daily use of the Energies

Trying it out
Students of Level I are initiated into using two energies - the Life Force Energy and the Divine Harmonizing Energy. We learned how to use both energies for hand on healing and balancing of the energy flow in our own bodies and for other people. I also practiced using the energies for distant healing. I activated the 5 Attunements for the Harmonizing Energy daily. I noticed that the regular use of the energies was beneficial to my well-being. I felt more relaxed and centered. I also found out that over time the sensations during the activations changed gradually.

Installing Protective Grids
I did install protective Life Force Energy grid at home first. This seemed to have filtered out some energetic clutter from my neighbors. I was able to sleep much better. I also installed the grid and at work in my sad little basement office. It appeared as if this had an effect on the behavior of the people, it seemed to contribute to a smoother and calmer work environment.

Silencing the neighbors barking Dog
But the most amazing result I achieved was in mentally communicating with the dog of one of my neighbors. The dog did hate to be left alone and used to whine and bark for hours. At some point I thought that it should work if I established a connection with the dog like I would with a human for distance healing and than transmit the Harmonizing Energy. I did hope that this would calm down the dog and ultimately shut it up so I could sleep. And much to my surprise it took no longer than about five minutes after I established that energy channel and the dog was quiet. That would become my daily routine as soon as the dog started to whine and bark.

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