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"Remember that however extraordinary the experience, there are always further and greater experiences"

Mother Meera

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Angels are just a Myth!

Who's presence do I feel?
When I grew up I often felt the presence of protecting forces. As child I would wonder what I was experiencing, My Grandmother would always say that everyone has Guardian Angels. So I figured that's what they were. When I grew older I more and more doubted the existence of these winged beings. I was no longer sure who's presence I felt. I started to believe that it were sprits on my ancestors. But during an extended stay at a Buddhist Retreat Center in England, I learned that the Monks referred to "the powerful Protectors". I immediately liked that terminology and totally abandoned the use of the word "Angel"

Winged beings are just a Myth
From that time on I disregarded Angels as pure fairy tale material and products of an over active human fantasy. I attributed only symbolic meaning to images of Angels in religious teachings and art work.

My belief system starts to shake
A couple of weeks prior to meeting Ruth, I had attended another Learning Annex workshop about the topic of Reincarnation. One of the Speakers was Michael Tamura. At the end of his presentation he invited the Participants to join into a healing meditations. I very rarely enjoy guided meditations, but Michaels voice and style really resonated with me and I had a great experience. About half way through the meditation Michael said that a huge Angel offered his healing power. Just after he had announced the presence of this Angel I felt a strong energy wave hitting me on my right side. I was in a very relaxed state and I felt physically moved to the degree that I almost was pushed off my chair. While I re-established my balance after the first impact I sensed how this powerful energy completely penetrating my body.

The Choice of Ignorance
I had never experienced anything like that before. But still, because Michael’s explanation attributing the energy to an Angel did not fit into my belief system I had already chosen to ignore that experience. And here I was just two weeks or so later, having Ruth tell me about the huge Angel she is working with. And again, I never had a stronger experience sensing the energies doing something inside of me. Also, I noticed that I had received the special offer coupon to attend Ruth's workshop because I had attended Michael's class, Synchronicity at work...

No need to make up my mind right now...
Well, I am a pragmatic person. So I accepted the validity of my experiences but at the same time I had chosen to postpone my decision making process on the question if Angels really could be the source of the energies.