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"Remember that however extraordinary the experience, there are always further and greater experiences"

Mother Meera

The Power of the Seraphim Blueprint

Meeting Ruth

My Start in San Francisco
After moving to San Francisco at the end of 2004 I felt that my life seemed to move totally into the wrong direction. I had relocated to San Francisco to be part of a team transforming and re-branding a hotel into one of the upscale San Francisco destinations. But after working there for just three months, the decision was made to close the hotel for at least six months. All employees were laid off. So I was out of a job in a new town, living in a less than perfect housing arrangement, and to top it all it was the rainiest rainy season since a few years. I was seriously thinking of leaving San Francisco again, but when I was offered a new job I decided to make it work here.

The Learning Annex - a special offer
My new employer was chosen by Learning Annex as one of the host hotels for the evening and weekend workshops. Plus, because I was an employee of the hotel I was offered to attend a couple of workshops for free. And I really liked the classes. In fact I became a member and for several months participated in many different workshops on a variety of topics. Because of that I started to receive special offers. One was for a class with Ruth Rendely about the Seraphim Blueprint.

I did not know anything about Ruth or her work, but because of the special offer the whole workshop was only $15 for me - so I attended Level I, Part 1 on November 16, 2005. I did not research the topic and I had no idea that the Seraphim are Angels. If I had known that, I most likely would have dismissed the idea of participating. The thought of working with Angels did seem to me as a totally ridiculous notion.

Level I, Part 1 on November 16, 2005 in San Francisco
When I entered the classroom felt how a strong energy field penetrated my body. It did feel like somewhat familiar, it reminded me of the sensation I have when using the Purple Energy Plates, but it was much stronger and all around and within me.

Ruth started right away with an initiation and it was the most intense experience I have had up until that point. I did clearly feel how something was working inside of me during the session. I could point exactly to the parts of my brain targeted. I was totally amazed.

Receiving a "Hardware upgrade" and a "new Software Installation"
In the breaks between the Initiations Ruth shared her interpretation of what was going on. She compared our bodies and brains with computers. She said that one might picture that during the Initiations our bodies and brains hardware is upgraded and new software is installed afterwards. These new installations enable our bodies to connect and tap into a network of various energies. The part that troubled me was that Ruth attributed the energies to a Seraph of the Seraphim - an Angel of the highest order. The existence of Angels did not fit into my belief system.

However, my experiences during that workshop were very profound and lasting. Many other participants must have benefited equally from that day, because the majority of all attendees asked Ruth to squeeze in a second workshop to complete the Level I before her return to Australia. Ruth accommodated our wishes and organized Level I, Part 2 on November 27, 2005 in Berkley.