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"Remember that however extraordinary the experience, there are always further and greater experiences"

Mother Meera

The Power of the Seraphim Blueprint

Quartz Crystals Empowered with
Seraphim Blueprint Life Force Energy

What are empowered crystals?
What are the uses?
How can I learn to empower crystals myself?
Where can I get these crystals?


What are energized crystals?
Quartz crystals that have been energetically cleansed may be permanently programmed with the first Seraphim Blueprint Energy from Level I - the Life Force energy. Every initiate of Level I is empowered to perform this procedure. These crystals increase the flow of Life Force energy in our bodies and gives us a greater sense of being connected.

What are the uses?
Many people use the energized crystals for:
- holding during meditation
- carrying on one's body for up to 7 hours, for instance in a pocket
- putting it under a band aid on a specific spot of the body (Tumbler stones are better because they have no sharp edges like raw crystals)
- putting on chakras for three minutes each for expanded opening
- to energize water
- holding while receiving energy distantly, in order to amplify the transmission
- use to get a feeling for the first energy prior to taking the Level I workshop
- place strategically in one's house or garden to create an energizing grid
- put into flower pots to support plants energetically
These crystals are great presents too!


How can I learn to energize crystals myself?
You can attend the Seraphim Blueprint workshop for Level I - Seraphim Healing. Every student receives several initiations for specific uses of the first two energies, the Life Force Energy and the Harmonizing energy. One of these initiation enables the participants to empower any crystal of their choice with Life Force Energy.

Where can I get these crystals?
Every initiate can energize crystals. If you know someone who already has completed Level I you may just ask for such a crystal.
Selected spiritual book stores will carry these crystals soon. A list wil be published here shortly.