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"Remember that however extraordinary the experience, there are always further and greater experiences"

Mother Meera

The Power of the Seraphim Blueprint

Guardian of Gaia

Attending this course is a privilege that might be granted to applicants who have received all Level V initiations. In addition, becoming a Guardian of Gaia must be in alignment with each participants Soul Purpose.

2010 Best of EXPO Award

Being allowed to receive these energies comes with the responsibility to use them on a regular basis to make a valuable contribution to the healing process of Gaia and Humanity and to harmonize the interaction between the two. These energies have been made available for the first time on June 5th, 2010. The Seraph has never before offered such a powerful, comprehensive program designed to deepen understanding of and communication with Gaia, in order to aid Gaia`s Soul Evolution.

The Seraph has chosen to make this information and energy available at this time for several reasons. It is only now that there is a sufficient number of Seraphim Blueprint Initiates who have embodied the energies of the higher levels. Also, over the past years the energies of Level IV and V have been slowly anchored in Gaia’s energy field in order to expand the use of it now. These new, deeper and more detailed Initiations will help Gaia and Humanity during the many transitions in the coming years.

Course Content
Includes some 30 Initiations and many activatable programs. This course is taught in three parts over 4 days, preferably on two consecutive weekends. Taught via conference phone calls or in class room style workshops.

Part 1 - two days
Seraphic Training Programs to enhance the ability to sense and differentiate between nuances of the Earth’s energy fields and Gaia’s soul. Includes energetic Seraphic Tours around the globe.

Part 2 - one day
Becoming a "Guardian of Gaia" and providing Healing and Balancing to her. The activatable Initiations of Part 2 are designed for Gaia’s benefit mostly. Some of the Energies given out enhance the new protective power grid around the planet, healing of trouble spots on Earth, restoration of the original strength of natural power places, plus several other uses.

Part 3 - one day
Accessing Gaia’s energies primarily for human benefit. Some of the energies help allow access to Gaia's memory to gain knowledge, a recalibration of our cellular imprint to the planets energy field after relocation, remote testing of energetic compatibility for travel destinations, new homes etc., and more.

Who May Attend
All Seraphim Blueprint Initiates who have at least completed Level V may apply & Seraphic Approval of all students is required.

Next Workshops
Dates for the US each phone conference (more or less 4 hours each):
11 AM PT - 2 PM ET (Sydney Time: Mon - 6 AM) 

Sunday March 06, 2011 - Part 1 A
Sunday March 13, 2011 - Part 1 B
Sunday March 20, 2011 - Part 2
Sunday March 27, 2011 - Part 3 

Dates for Australia/New Zealand/Japan (more or less 4 hours each):
Sydney Saturday Time 9 AM, Tokyo Time Saturday 7 AM
( US Friday 2 PM PT - 5 PM ET)

Saturday March 12, 2011 - Part 1 A
Saturday March 19, 2011 - Part 1 B
Saturday March 26, 2011 - Part 2
Saturday April 02, 2011 - Part 3

The dates could be mix and match so every one has two chances (if you want to accommodate the time zone difference) This should make the planning easier for some.

Each Participant receives a Certificate after completion.

We are accepting applications at this time. Course fee is $350. If approved and paid by 02/20/2011 an early registration discount of $50 will be applied.

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