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"Remember that however extraordinary the experience, there are always further and greater experiences"

Mother Meera

The Power of the Seraphim Blueprint

Seraphim Blueprint - Level I Course - Seraphim Healing

The Seraphim Healing workshop facilitates a series of initiations to expand our own access to healing energy. This results in an increased flow of Life Force Energy improving physical well-being. The use of the Harmonizing Energy helps to achieve emotional balance. Both frequencies build the foundation for our spiritual growth. The first two light energies are for healing one-self and others. Being initiated into these frequencies allows for a sense of greater internal union and a stronger immune system.

Do you want to experience the energies prior to taking a workshop?
There are a few ways to get a "taste" of the Seraphim Blueprint energy spectrum:
1) use the Seraphim Angel Symbol
2) obtain an Empowered Quartz Crystal
3) participate in a local introductory lecture,
4) join one of the periodic free introductory conference phone call
5) participate in a free webinar or listen to a recording of it
6) visit me at my booth during an EXPO

Ruth Rendely and Alex Brandin sitting on a bench in a Garden in Berkeley

Course Content

Level I installs the foundation on which all following Levels of the Seraphim Blueprint build. It consists of two energies - the Life Force Energy and the Divine Harmonizer. If taught as a class room style workshop it is a full day event. If offered as a conference call class it is spread out over two sessions, each one approximately 4 hours. The course length may vary based on number of participants and the questions asked..

Ruth Rendely and Alex Brandin sitting on a bench in a Garden in Berkeley

There is an evolutionary sequence to the initiations. Just as if one were building a house. In the basement one installs pipes connecting to outside systems. The foundation of this angelic healing system acts as an energy pipeline, or conductor, for all forms of life force energy. The initiations open the energy channels in the student's bodies. I would describe the process of the Initiations as a "re-wiring" and optimizing of our internal energy circuits - both in our physical and subtle energy bodies. In addition, the students are enabled to empower quartz crystals with the Life Force Energy, energize rooms, install light grids and use the this vibration for chakra balancing, in hands-on healing as well as to support others distantly.

If taught over the phone, the students should have a small quartz crystal available, if workshop is held in class room setting, the crystals will be provided by the teacher.

Ruth Rendely and Alex Brandin sitting on a bench in a Garden in BerkeleyThe Divine Harmonizing Energy is the vibration in the universe that promotes harmony, optimal flow, and appropriate rhythm. This divine harmony in the universe operates at all levels of being. Our happiness as individuals can be increased by being in union with this harmony. The initiates can also use this energy for hands on healing or for distance sessions. Another benefit is that the Students are initiated into activatable attunements to harmonize the physical and subtle energy bodies. These can be switched on by intention at any point during the day and will continue to run in the background while one can continue to focus on other things. This is a huge advantage for people with full schedules with little or no time for meditation.

Also included in Level I is a personalized egg-shaped opener stone for each participant, that acts as an individualized energy antenna to pick up the most beneficial cosmic vibrations.

Who May Attend
This course is open to Everyone. No Prerequisites.

Next Workshops
Please contact me if you prefer individual classes or if you wish to organize your own group at a different date

Please notice that all class times are for Pacific Time. If you are in a different time zone. please ensure that you are converting the starting time. The current time in San Francisco is:

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