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"Remember that however extraordinary the experience, there are always further and greater experiences"

Mother Meera

The Power of the Seraphim Blueprint

Seraphim Blueprint - Level I Energy "Taste"

An experience is worth more than any explanation of it. We suggest that you print the larger Seraph Symbol and touch it for up to 8 minutes while keeping your eyes closed. Many people make this way an instant connection to the Seraph guarding this system.

Seraphim Blueprint symbol

If you do not feel a connection or energy flow while doing so, or if you are still not sure, please call Alex. Each teacher can give out a free of charge 3 minute "taste" of the Level I energies: The Life Force Energy & The Harmonizing Energy. This short risk free sample allows you to find out how this energy feels to you prior to taking a class.

The samples are also periodically offered during lectures, EXPO's and can be experienced by participants at the Seraphim Blueprint introduction conference phone calls or webinars that are scheduled periodically.