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Workshops over the phone vs. classroom style
Some Teachers as well as Students prefer either having workshops in a classroom setting versus via conference phone calls. I remember that I had been hesitant to take Initiations over the phone in the beginning, because I feared that the intensity and benefits migh be of lesser quality due to the distance between the Teacher and me. I know now that is not the case at all.

Please let me assure you that as far as receiving the Initiations there is absolutely no difference whether they are done with the Teacher locally present in the same room or long distance via phone. But both methods have other advantages and disadvantages that you may want to consider.

Workshop in Classroom Style
- Very easy Interaction between Students and Teachers and even more so among the Students during the breaks
- Seeing the faces of the Teacher and the fellow Students
- Room must be organized and rented resulting in more administrative preparation work for the Teacher
- Higher minimum number of attendees required for being cost efficient to cover room rental and travel expenses
- Commuting to and from the workshop
Workshop via Conference Call
- Can be done in the convenience of ones home, no commuting necessary
- It is easier to sit comfortably at home or even lay down, versus doing that in a classroom
- Cost efficient for teacher, even with a small number of attendees.
- Easier to put a group together because participants can join from everywhere in the world as long as they can accommodate the time zone difference
- Lower fees for Students
- Logistics of organizing question and answer segments become somewhat harder to manage with a larger group of Participants
- Extra phone expenses for either, Teacher or Students or both unless free conference call options (such as Skype) are utilized
- Background noises are possible if Participants do not mute their phones
- Holding the phone receiver to ones ear for a long time can be strenuous, so either utilizing a speaker phone or head sets is recommended
- Consideration of time zone differences
- Some people find it harder to create a quiet space ensuring no disruption during a session at home (other Family members are around, pets etc.)
- Small possibility of disrupted phone service