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"Remember that however extraordinary the experience, there are always further and greater experiences"

Mother Meera

The Power of the Seraphim Blueprint

Course Preparation

Before attending a course
- Abstain from drinking alcohol (or using any recreational drugs) at least 1 day before the class
- Over the years students have told me repeatedly that they have felt the presence of the Seraph prior to attending the class – sometimes already several days before the workshop. I have heard accounts of extraordinary dream activity and unusual synchronistic events in preparation of courses
While attending the course

- Bring water for maintaining sufficient hydration and have some snacks available – there will be at least one 15 minute break.
- If at home, I personally prefer to light a candle and I sometimes use essential oils (Frankincense, Myrrh, and/or Lavender) – that is just a preference and not required at all.
- Ensure that you will not be disrupted during the course – switch off your phones
- Wear comfortable clothing, come with an open mindset and be in happy anticipation of a great experience
- There will be series of Initiations during the workshop. It is not necessary to meditate or visualize anything during the Initiations. Just sit relaxed and comfortable with your eyes closed. The length of the initiations varies; many are around 10 – 15 minutes; however some are up to 45 minutes.
- Some Students report a variety of experiences during the Initiations including physical sensations, emotional shifts and visions. These experiences may vary from person to person and some people do not seem to feel anything unusual at all.
- In between the Initiations are breaks where more information is shared and questions can be asked.

After the Course
- If Students attend a workshop in a classroom setting we suggest that they either take public transportation or allow sufficient time before driving a car. Allow for some quiet time immediately after the workshop. Some Initiates have reported difficulties to ground themselves after the workshop or some are feeling extremely energized while others feel very relaxed and tired.
- Many Students feel unusually hungry immediately after the Initiations. Our brain and bodies seem to require energy from food to in order to integrate the new energies.
- Some Students report that the Integration of the energies continues for some time after the workshop ended.